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Convention updates 1-3-2022

Anthro New England 2022

US furry convention Anthro New England finished this year’s event.

They raised US$27,000 for 2 charities, and had 2,353 attendees.

They will hold again Jan 20 – 22, 2023. The theme will be “Trains”.

Furnal Equinox 2022 GoHs

Canadian furry convention Furnal Equinox announced their guest of honours. They are zoologist Dr. Wildlife and furry artist Anyare.

From being an aquarium manager to a species survival researcher, Dr. Wildlife involved themselves in the zoological community for 13 years so far. They are now the product operations manager for, the world’s first virtual zoo channel.

Anyare is a furry for 10 years so far. She attended many furcons in the last 8 years, and had her artwork published by Sofawolf Press to accompany furry literature. She is most well-known around Toronto for her fursona badge work.

Furnal Equinox will be held March 18-20, 2022.

Argentina FurFiesta (ArFF) 2022

Argentina FurFiesta is a furry convention in Argentina. 

They opened attendee pre-sign ups.

August 12 – 14 are their in-person event dates this year.

For furry convention statuses globally, visit FURST by GFTV.

兽展更新 2022-3-1


美国兽展Anthro New England完成了今年的活动。


他们将于2023年1月20至22日再次举办。主题将是 “火车”。

Furnal Equinox 宣布2022活动嘉宾

加拿大兽展Furnal Equinox宣布了他们的荣誉嘉宾。他们是动物学家Dr. Wildlife和毛兽艺术家Anyare。

从水族馆经理到物种生存研究者,Dr. Wildlife到目前为止已经在动物学界参与了13年。他们现在是Zoolife.tv的产品运营经理,这是个虚拟动物园频道。


Furnal Equinox将于2022年3月18-20日举行。


《阿根廷毛兽嘉年华》(Argentina FurFiesta) 是阿根廷的一个兽展。



有关全球兽展的情况,请访问FURST by GFTV。


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