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Rainbows in the sky

Politics, religion and then literature – in the USA, people including politicians often put these aspects together.

In the state of Illinois, Ridgeland City Mayor Gene McGee, said end-January 2022 his office will not fund Madison County’s library system. He says its “homosexual materials” conflict his personal Christian beliefs.

Tonja Johnson is executive director of the County’s library system. She hit back, saying “we are a public library and we serve the entire community,” and the system’s offerings “reflect the diversity of our community.”

Now, most of the furry community are LGBTQ – they thus poured a lot of support for the library system. A fundraiser started in response. After a month of campaigning, a total of US$112,771.20 was raised.



2022年1月底,在伊利诺伊州,里奇兰市市长Gene McGee说他的办公室将不资助麦迪逊县的图书馆系统。他说其“同性恋材料”与他个人的基督教信仰相冲突。

Tonja Johnson是该县图书馆系统的执行主任。她回击说,”我们是一个公共图书馆,我们为整个社区服务”,而且该系统的产品“反映了我们社区的多样性”。



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