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Convention updates 30-7-2022

Furs Upon Malaysia sold out 2022 tickets ‘in a flash’

Updates from Malaysian furcon Furs Upon Malaysia (FurUM).

They opened pre-sign-ups on Jul 15, 11:30 pm local. After 25 minutes, the furcon publicly said all tickets are sold.

This year’s event tickets are limited. There are 250.

Volunteer, DJ, and dealers’ signups will open at a later date.

Zephyxus is their guest of honour.

FurUM 2022 will hold Dec 10-11.

South Afrifur 2022 completed

South African furry convention South Afrifur, or SAFC, finished its event this year, July 8-11.

But this year, something is missing; SAFC founder and ex-chairman Ivic Wulfe died not long before.

Furries also know them as the host of the South Afrifur Pawdcast. The podcast is on hiatus indefinitely.

Furries mourned this iconic figure for their contributions to the furry fandom.

SAFC 2022 got 57 attendees and donated ZAR17,000 (US$1,009.43) to three charities.

Brasil FurFest 2022 done; release 2023 details

Brazilian furry convention Brasil FurFest (BFF) finished its event this year, July 15-17.

BFF 2022’s data: They had 872 attendees and raised US$5,800 for charity. This charity count is their biggest ever.

Their 2023 event theme is “Furry University”.

Filmmaker Ash Coyote will be their guest of honour.

Floof Con publish 2022 timetable

Discord convention Floof Con released their 2022 event timetable.

GFTV’s project lead Pawsry will be there to host a furry Youtubing panel as their guest of honour.

They will hold on Aug 5-7.

兽展更新 2022-7-30

马来西亚兽展2022年的门票 “瞬间”售罄

马来西亚兽展Furs Upon Malaysia(FurUM)的最新情况。





FurUM 2022将于12月10至11日举行。


南非兽展South Afrifur,简称SAFC,在今年7月8日至11日完成了它的活动。

但今年活动少了一个东西;SAFC创始人、前主席Ivic Wulfe不久前去世了。

兽友们人也知道他们是博客站South Afrifur Pawdcast的主持人。该播客无限期停播了。


SAFC 2022有57人参加,并向三个慈善机构捐赠了17,000南非兰特(1,000.34美元)。


巴西兽展Brasil FurFest(BFF)在今年7月15至17日完成了它的活动。



电影制片人Ash Coyote将是他们的荣誉嘉宾。

Floof Con 发布2022活动时间表

Discord兽展Floof Con发布了他们2022年的活动时间表。





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