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MFF 2022 One for The Record

Midwest Furfest 2022 has came and went with not only record attendance. but with so much going on behind the scenes. I have no doubt it will be talked about for a long time to come.

For the record, this queue wasn’t for registration.

This was to get your vaccination cards checked. It was crowded.

Which actually caused problems.

You see, later in the day some has passed out. Speaking with security, some 13 ambulances had been called.

Some incident furries say is due to MFF’s ‘infamous’ Skybridge – where carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air is dangerously high. Now combine that with strong heat contained in the bridge during winter.

Quite a bit of furries say this made them feel dizzy, or feel like fainting.

The bridge has earned itself a witty nickname: the ‘Hallway of Death.’

Regardless, Midwest FurFest does a fantastic job handling those incidents, regardless of attendance.

AC Stuart, who was a Guest of Honor had 2 panels. He does the Awoo webcomic and was an absolute delight.

Streetdog Coalition was that year’s charity. They help hard to adopt pets.

In total, 13,641 furries attended MFF 2022. They raised US$106,283.66 for charity.




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