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MFF 2019: Friday Dec 6

Yesterday was my 1st day at MFF this year and it started off with some confusion. You see, this year I decided to be a Sponsor – I knew I’d get some benefits but who knew it was going to start off with a lot of confusion.

First I was sent in one direction, then another. I had to ask 5 people where to go when you are a Preregistered Sponsor, and then was sent to 5 different places with the last one being the correct one. I found that some people even suggested upgrades to cut wait times and there would be someone calling out your fursona name prior to badge collection, which coincidentally correlated with some rumors on social media.

The process with the QR Code actually took less than a minute, my only real issue after that was finding where I pick up my Sponsor Swag Bag, which thankfully I found it on my own. In fact, the whole process of getting my badge took less than 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, I was told by a staff member there was somewhere between 300 and 500 waiting to get their badge at 10:40 AM.

To my surprise, I had enough time to see the Opening Ceremony as well, and it certainly touched hearts – they honored staff members who had been with the con for 20 years, even those who are no longer with us. Sadly I knew one of them and remembered the good times.

They also spoke about the new Accessibility Program which gives those in special need the help they needed to enjoy the convention, which includes the Quiet Room, where you are encouraged to turn off your cellphone and relax.

Regarding this year’s charity, Felines and Canines, we learned it was their involvement with MFF that helped them grow from operating in a basement to operating in multiple states.

Lastly, the Dog Show that was happening at the same time as MFF. It seems the Skokie Valley Kennel Club’s All-breed Dog Show was taking place at the same time as MFF – in the same buildings, but different locations within them of course. Fursuiters were advised at the Opening Ceremony that they weren’t allowed go there as they were not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a recognized breed. But really, all jokes aside, anyone could buy a ticket and see the dogs.

One other point that confused me was was with the Dealer’s Area. I totally understand they had only started to set up on late Thursday night, but I wonder why there were staff members ushering people to the second entrance that was dealer’s only.

The Dealers’ Area finally opened after around 20 minutes.

The Dealers Area here is the largest in the history of MFF, with 300+ dealers in 30,000 sq ft of space. It’s HUGE.

More on MFF tomorrow.

Edited by Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni

7/12/2019 UTC +8 10:54pm


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