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MFF 2019: Saturday Dec 7

I forgot to mention from my previous report what was not only a surprise and something to look forward to was the following: Coupons. Officially they call them “Tickets” 1 is for a FREE Tee Shirt, which I will show off later and the other was for brunch.

In addition, there were tickets available for dance lessons, even for the Shiny Sponsor Dinner.

Those coupons were in my swag bag and I will fully admit this I missed this at first. Got my Tee shirt, and later that brunch – OH MY!!!

Look at that an endless sea of FOOD which goes on as far as the eye can see. I could have what I wanted as many times as I wanted. Think of that.

But I instead went for a healthier option…an omelette and a few sides.

They also had a bar, where you could order mixed drinks…but you had to pay for those.

I know this feels like Instagram.

I give my highest praise to the chefs at the Hyatt – it was absolutely incredible.

Saturday was my day to meet up with friends and hang out as we rarely see one another. I got my commission ordered, which I hope to pick up today, and the Art Show. Which really, if you love to see the work of the extremely talented artists, is truly a must-see.

Later we went to something that for us it is a MUST see: The Charity Whose Lion Is It Anyway? featuring Draggor, Alkali, Boozy Badger (who I actually follow on Twitter), Pepper Coyote and Iggy.

But before the show, what can I say fursuiter and balloon.

The show was very very very funny.

…and yes a fursuiter from the audience was asked to be apart of the show. Great fun for all.

I forgot again to mention that some anonymous donor is matching all monies raised for Felines and Canines at MFF, dollar for dollar up to $180,000. We will see by the Closing Ceremony how close we get to that actual number.

We played video games as well as the arcade they had available.

Lastly, they wanted to see Floor Wars and I wanted to see the Furry Variety Show, so we said our goodbyes.

The crowd was actually up over last year’s, but everyone did have a good time. One of the performers actually took home a Sponsor Badge for next year.

I did manage to see Floor Wars myself, as FVS ended surprisingly early. The dancers were great but by the time it was over, I forced myself to go home for some much-needed rest.

More tomorrow…

Edited by Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni

8/12/2019 UTC +8 11:33pm


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