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Furry virtual event updates: More events complete over the weekend

Here are some updates on virtual events we’ve got over the weekend.

Furality 2000 completes VR event

Virtual reality furcon Furality has held their event. They’ve hosted a range of panels, music performances, virtual dealers’ dens and furry avatar species meetups. The events were live streamed on their Twitch channel. So far as we know, 3,120 furries attended the event, and they’ve donated US$5846 to SaveAFox Rescue, a fox sanctuary based in the US state of Minnesota.

Furcation 2020 completes VR event

And British furcon Furcation’s VR event has been held over the weekend. They’ve held a variety of panels, game shows and a charity auction. The events were livestreamed on their Twitch channel and VRChat venue at the same time. Furcation raised a total of GBP2,509 (US$3,326.22) for their charity partner Ferne Animal Sanctuary.


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