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2021 New Year’s Message from GFTV

Where’s our New Year 2021 Speech video? I think this whole year already can speak for me.

This year was hard, sad and/or depressing for us – but we furries did not give up, and instead came out stronger.

I would like to say a big thank-you to every furry who kept us all together during these times. Be it organisers of furcons, artists or just regular individuals. Even when we could not give each other or have that well-deserved hug for real when we wanted, when we needed, your works and efforts kept us all hopeful despite being distances away from each other.

To front liners, you did well. Things are getting better, and though it may not be true for you at the moment, thank you so much for your efforts. Beautiful. Now shall we continue into 2021 and make it better than 2020!

For us at GFTV, this year was indeed a bit slow. But coming this far, I legit thank you all for your never-ending support all along. It’s your faith in us that we can continue to serve you and the furry community, and this year we shall continue to do so.

2021 shall be another great year. It will be. So long as we don’t give up. Just as mistakes we make are rocks we trip over in life, if you say “I’ll not stop but persevere,” you’ll make it higher.

Times may be dark right now but the sun will come. Even the darkest ones will be quelled by the sun’s rising. So long as you don’t give up, you’ll see the sun.

Forward to 2021, for a better year!


Yours truly,
Pawsry HTCN. 🐺
Proj. Head of GFTV


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