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A revamped affinity: Changes in ownership, branding, and policies checked for FurAffinity

On February 2, FurAffinity, now more than 16 years in operation, has announced numerous changes to the furry art sharing platform.

A new logo, policy changes and feature developments checked for FurAffinity as they recently changed their owner – Dragoneer, previous community manager after nearly 6 years of ownership under instant messaging platform IMVU.

WATCH: MinuteNews – FurAffinity changes owners

Their new logo represents the creativity of the furry fandom, and they say it’s a throwback to FurAffinity’s legacy paint can logo.

To curb the spread of misinformation, they added a policy forbidding the spread of harmful ideologies set to go live 15 Feb.

Lastly, responding to Adobe’s end of support for Flash Player, FurAffinity is developing an emulator called Ruffle as a replacement – some elements may not work at the moment but the furry art sharing platform says they will release improvement updates “almost nightly.”





最后,为了应对Adobe结束对Flash Player的支持,该平台正在开发一款作为替代的名为Ruffle的模拟器——有些部分目前可能无法使用,但该艺术分享平台表示,他们将 “几乎每晚”发布改进更新。


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