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Camp Tiny Paws announces physical event closure; last event to hold virtually in August

In spite of COVID-19 vaccines rolling out globally, some businesses and events impacted by the pandemic had to fold out. US-based convention Camp Tiny Paws recently announced Thursday (Jul 1) they will be closing the furcon indefinitely.

According to the furcon, this decision came about with their hotel venue now closed and prices at other venues having ‘skyrocketed’ due to the coronavirus.

The furcon will be holding their last event in a virtual format over their originally planned dates: Aug 13 -15 this year.

With Camp Tiny Paws’ closure, they are now the fifth furcon to cancel in this year alone. Checking on our furcon status counts, we have 44 cancelled, 2 deferred, 72 to hold this year and 3 furcons completed. 

Camp Tiny Paws宣布关闭——美国兽展宣布关闭;最后一次活动将在8月举行

尽管COVID-19疫苗在全球范围内推出,但一些已受该疫情影响的企业和活动不得不退出。美国兽展Camp Tiny Paws最近星期四(7月1日)宣布,他们将无限期地关闭兽展。

据兽展公告了解到,这是鉴于他们的酒店场地现在已经关闭,其他场地的价格由于疫情情况而 “暴涨”所做出的决定。


随着Camp Tiny Paws的关闭,他们现在是今年第五个被闭幕的兽展。查看我们的兽展状态统计,我们有44个被取消,2个被推迟,72个将在今年举行,以及3个已完成举办。


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