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The ‘breakpoint’: EF con-chair

If crossed over, things will have to cancel. What’s that? A ‘breakpoint’. That is what German convention Eurofurence’s chairperson Cheetah said in his statement on Jan 25.

“We have a break point where we can cancel things – which we really do not want to do – and that is February 15th. To be able to run the event we need to have at least 1,500 registations until then.

By registering early, you are technically submitting a vote to make EF happen. And you are also making a promise that you will pay for your membership once the decision to go ahead with the con has been made.

This is important. Because if 500 out of 1500 furries decided to pull out again before having made a payment, that might very well damage the event beyond repair.”

Cheetah points out, venue price tags went up because of COVID-19. Eurofurence thus needs 1,500 more registered attendees before Feb 15 to sustain itself. They even say, if that target cannot be met, the convention could be damaged ‘beyond repair’.

Since 2014, Eurofurence has held its events every year at Estrel Berlin. Now, let’s look at some figures – here is a trend chart of Estrel Berlin’s standard room rates for two people.

We got this data from Hurga, a long time staff at Eurofurence. Eurofurence verified this with us.

Rates per night started off at 90.5 Euros in 2014. In five years, that slowly increased to 120 Euros in 2019. This is the trend before COVID-19.

In 2020, COVID-19 came. Preliminary figures from Eurofurence put 2020 room rates at 140 Euros per night. Since, room prices have increased by 20 Euros every year.

In 2021, the preliminary figures are 160 Euros per night. Now, 2022. The published room rates: 180 Euros per night.

If you pay attention, room rates increased faster after COVID-19 than before it. From 2014 to 2019, prices rose an average of 5.9 Euros per year. Since 2020? 20 Euros per year.

That is COVID-19’s footprint. Financial and health costs increased because of it.

That had hit furry fandom hard. In 2021 alone, 7 furry conventions closed because of the pandemic. For some of them, they blamed it on money problems.

2022’s coming also saw the COVID-19 Omicron (BA.1) variant having a sneakier younger brother. It is the so-called ‘stealth variant’ (BA.2).

Is it more severe than Omicron? According to Reuters, researchers in Denmark say the stealth variant could be more contagious and harder to detect. But initial results say it is no more severe than its brother BA.1. Studies are still continuing.

And according to NPR, the variant is now spreading in Germany, forming 5% of cases worldwide. As a reminder, Eurofurence is in Germany.

What will happen to Eurofurence, Europe’s biggest furry convention, if they cannot meet their goal? We will find out on Feb 15 – stay tuned.






Cheetah指出,由于新冠病毒的缘故,处处场馆标价上涨了。因此,Eurofurence需要在2月15日之前增加1500名注册参会者,以维持自身。他们甚至说,如果不能达到这个目标,兽展可能会被破坏得 “无法修复”。
















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