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News in brief – 14/6/2021


Canadian convention Howloween recently announced that their vice chairman Temrin is stepping down. They say she did so to refocus on her personal life goals.

Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend (WPAFW)

To the US, West Pennsylvania Furry Weekend is pushing back pre-registrations for their 2021 event, until at least July 14.

The furcon says that an ‘oversight’ on their part caused them to miss authorization from their third party credit card transaction host, which led to the decision. Hotel registrations remain open.

West Pennsylvania Furry Weekend will be held Oct 8-10.


Down south, Megaplex has closed registrations for their 2021 event. Two hours before the registration deadline, the furcon has added 100 more ticket slots on top of their initial pax limit of 2500 attendees. Megaplex will be held Aug 6-8.

Alamo City Furry Invasion

To the west, Alamo City Furry Invasion had made changes to their guest of honour list.

Their initially invited guests, Cuttlebone and Tsai Wolf, has backed out from their guest of honour invitation due to personal commitments. Freelance artist Padunk and fursuit maker Zipper is now named the new guest of honours for the furcon’s 2021 event.

Alamo City Furry Invasion will be held Oct 8-10.

Back north, speaking of guest of honours, Anthro New England, for their 2022 event, has named the creators of the furry comic Circles: Andy, Scott, and Steve, and furry artist Nightlinez guest of honours. The convention will be held Feb 17-22, 2022.


Into Europe, German convention Eurofurence has set the dates of their upcoming online event, named EF Online to Sept 23-26.


Lastly to Asia, Taiwanese convention Infurnity, originally planned for end-October, has postponed their event this year into 2022. The furcon says this was done in view of slow vaccination rates locally and additional uncertainties posed by the pandemic. A virtual event will be held in its place.

That all said, looking at furcon statuses right now, we have 46 cancelled, 2 deferred, 70 to hold this year and 3 completed.






在美国,西宾夕法尼亚州毛兽周末(Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend)推迟了他们2021年活动的预注册,据说至少到7月14日。

该兽展说表示,他们的一个 “疏忽” 导致他们错过了第三方信用卡交易主机的授权,从而导致了这一决定。酒店注册仍然开放。





在西部,阿拉莫市毛兽入侵(Alamo City Furry Invasion)已经对他们的嘉宾名单进行了修改。

他们最初邀请的嘉宾,Cuttlebone和Tsai Wolf,由于个人事务,已经退出了他们的荣誉嘉宾邀请。自由艺术家Padunk和兽装制造商Zipper现在被任命为该兽展2021年活动的新荣誉嘉宾。



回到北方,说到荣誉嘉宾,新英格兰兽展(Anthro New England)为他们的2022年活动指定了毛皮漫画《Circles》的创作者:安迪、斯科特和史蒂夫,以及毛兽艺术家Nightlinez是荣誉嘉宾。该展将于2022年2月17日至22日举行。


在欧洲,德国兽展Eurofurence已经确定了他们即将举行的名为EF Online的在线活动的日期,其将于9月23日至26日举行。





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