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News in brief – 20/7/2021

FinFur Animus 2021 cancelled

First in Europe, in view of rising local COVID-19 cases and the increasing prevalence of the Delta variant globally, Finnish convention FinFur Animus has cancelled their event this year.

In a statement released Tuesday (July 13) however, they say a ‘smaller one or two-day gathering’ that’s held in the same original venue and date is being mulled.

Bayou Furry Bash delays debut event to 2022

Next to the US, an upcoming convention in Louisiana state, Bayou Furry Bash, has announced Sunday (July 18) their inaugural event will be pushed back once again to 2022. This is the furcon’s second time pushing back their debut event since their first postponement last year.

AnthroExpo announces guest of honours for 2022 event

Furry artist SBGothic and vaccine research and development (R&D) scientist Chise has been recently named guest of honours at AnthroExpo’s 2022 event. Event pre-registrations are now open.

The furcon will be held Jan 21 – 23, 2022.

Midwest FurFest 2021 pre-registration details

Pre-registrations for Midwest FurFest’s 2021 event is now set to open Sep 1. The furcon says registrations that are rolled over since the furcon’s 2019 event can be used for this year’s event. It is set to be held Dec 13-15.

Furnal Equinox and CozyCon engages in partnership

Canadian convention Furnal Equinox and online convention CozyCon Online has entered into a partnership. In an announcement post released by Furnal Equinox on Friday (July 16), both events will remain separate; however, they will engage in mutual promotion and virtual world sharing. 

Furality Online Xperience releases details on next 2021 event

Speaking of online events, online convention Furality Online Xperience has recently announced Friday (Jul 16) that their next event will be held Nov 5 – 7 this year. It will feature a superhero-inspired theme.

That all said, looking at furcon statuses right now, we have 47 cancelled, 2 deferred, 69 to hold this year and 3 completed.

GFTV kickstarts countdown to 7th birthday

Lastly, GFTV has unveiled Saturday (July 17) its 7th anniversary logo – that marks the start of the Singapore-based media channel’s one-month countdown to its birthday on Aug 17. It says many big changes are on the list for the upcoming year, which will be announced by then.



FinFur Animus取消2021活动

首先在欧洲,鉴于当地COVID-19新冠疫情病例的上升和Delta变体在全球的日益流行,芬兰兽展FinFur Animus已取消了他们今年的活动。


Bayou Furry Bash再次延迟首届活动

在美国,即将在路易斯安那州举行的Bayou Furry Bash兽展,在周日(7月18日)宣布他们的首届活动将再次推迟到2022年。这是该毛皮大会自去年首次推迟后第二次推迟其首次活动。


毛兽艺术家SBGothic和疫苗研发(R&D)科学家Chise最近被任命为AnthroExpo 2022年活动的嘉宾。活动预注册现已开始。


Midwest FurFest发表2021预注册

Midwest FurFest 2021年活动的预注册现已定于9月1日开放。兽展表示,自其2019年活动以来已被延迟的注册可以用于今年的活动。

Midwest FurFest定于12月13日至15日举行。

Furnal Equinox 和 CozyCon Online 建立合作关系

加拿大兽展Furnal Equinox和在线兽展CozyCon Online近日建立了合作关系。在Furnal Equinox在周五(7月16日)发布的公告帖子中,两个活动将保持独立;但是,他们将进行相互推广和虚拟世界的共享。

Furality Online Xperience将于11月举行下一届线上兽展

说到在线活动,Furality Online Xperience最近在周五(7月16日)宣布,他们的下一次活动将在今年11月5日至7日举行。它将以超级英雄为灵感做主题。





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