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Chinese convention CCFU released details on 2022 event

Chinese furry event organisation Central China Furry Union, or CCFU, have released details about their 2022 convention Friday (Oct 15). Information about their mascots are released, and event pre-sign ups are now open.

Themed “Steamworks,” the furcon is set to hold 15 Oct next year, at the Wanghe Hotel in Wuhan city.

In a statement to GFTV, the furcon says they hope furries in central and western China can meet together at CCFU and enjoy their second event.

In China, major furcons exist only in the municipality of Shanghai and the province of Guangdong. CCFU’s rapid growth is thus helping to fill in the blanks in central Chinese land.

And as the Chinese furry fandom grows, the saying of “Furcons are only in Shanghai and Guangzhou” will soon end up in the knacker’s yard.

Reporter: Collins Huanli


华中兽兽联盟(Central China Furry Union),即将在10月15日宣布第二届兽展CCFU的相关信息。主办方将于公布具体吉祥物形象等相关资讯,同日,门票会于在喵通贩平台开始预售。




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