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Cat rescue to Scotiacon: 2022 charity announced

Scotiacon announced Friday (Nov 19) their 2022 charity partner.

The charity partner is called the Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue. They save stray cats in the cities of Edinburgh and Fife, and promote good welfare practices for cats.

Scotiacon also released price numbers for tickets and hotel rooms.

They will be held Feb 12-13 next year.

猫咪救援驾到——Scotiacon 2022慈善伙伴已公布


这个慈善伙伴被称为 “阳光港湾猫咪救援”(Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue)。他们在爱丁堡和法夫等城市拯救流浪猫,并推广对于猫的良好福利做法。





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