Convention updates 16-1-2022

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Two conventions cancelled

Let’s start with this week’s headlines.

Hungarian convention Fursang and US convention Further Confusion cancelled their event this year.

Fursang did not release any public statement as of now.

Further Confusion says the cancellation was because many event contributors could not attend: staff, panellists, DJ’s, vendors and dealers. At first, they scaled down their event schedule, but they cancelled this year’s event in the end.

The convention is in the US state of California. The state’s daily COVID-19 cases are now skyrocketing. This made holding an in-person event very risky – Further Confusion 2022 was planned to start today.

They are now refunding affected dealers and artists. Registration tickets will transfer to next year, but attendees can choose to cancel it.

Painted Desert Fur Con 2021

Crossing the new year, leaving a furry mark.

Painted Desert Fur Con held over the New Year, from Dec 31, 2021, to Jan 2, 2022. They published new statistics.

The convention saw 916 attendees this year and raised US$12,338 for charity.

Their 2023 theme will be called, ‘The Island’.

Floof Con 2022 (Jan) 

Online convention Floof Con finished their first event of 2022, from Jan 8-9.

This year, they saw 147 attendees. That is 75% more than their Halloween 2021 event.

Floof Con will hold again in August this year.

GFTV FURST data as of 16-1-2022

Before we go! Here are some furry convention statistics around the world from GFTV FURST, our furry convention tracker.

3 conventions cancelled.

Another 2 deferred.

125 conventions will hold this year.

1 convention completed.

兽展更新 2022-1-16



匈牙利兽展Fursang和美国兽展Further Confusion取消了他们今年的活动。


Further Confusion说取消的原因是许多活动的贡献者不能参加:工作人员、小组成员、DJ和摊位主。起初,他们缩减了活动日程,但最后还是取消了今年的活动。

该兽展位于美国加州。其新冠日增病例现在正急剧攀升。这使得举行现场活动的风险很大——Further Confusion 的2022活动计划于今天开始。




彩绘沙漠兽展(Painted Desert Furcon),从2021年12月31日到2022年1月2日,在新年期间举行了。他们公布了新的统计数据。



Floof Con 2022 (1月) 

在线兽展Floof Con在1月8日至9日完成了他们2022年的第一次活动。


Floof Con将在今年8月再次举行。

截止2022-1-16 的兽展追踪表GFTV FURST数据

在我们走之前! 来关注来自GFTV FURST,我们的兽展追踪表的世界各地的兽展统计数据。





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