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Leaving 2022? Not so fast: FurcoNZ

Leaving 2022? Not so fast, says New Zealander furcon FurcoNZ.

The convention at first cancelled their 2022 in-person event, planned for mid-Feb. But less than an hour later, FurcoNZ says, they are not leaving yet.

They will hold in-person May 20-24 this year. Attendees can transfer tickets to someone else, to FurcoNZ 2023 or ask for a full refund.

On the convention’s original February dates, they will hold a virtual event.


要离开2022年了吗?新西兰兽展 FurcoNZ说,没那么快。

他们起初取消了他们计划于2月中旬举行的实体活动。 但不到一个小时后,FurcoNZ说,他们还没有离开。





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