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One furry blocks many people on Twitter, triggers controversy

On February 28, a Twitter user, @BemaniCub, was curious as to who this person really was after finding himself blocked by another user, @Ventiyoyo.

Then a flurry of other users said they were also blocked. Even furries unrelated to them found themselves blocked too.

Interestingly, all of these blocked users are furries.

翻攝自推特 @BemaniCub

Shortly after, Twitter user @TacoTeko jokingly posted a way to “check if you are a furry”. They say, just view @Ventiyoyo’s personal Twitter page. If they blocked you, you are supposedly then a furry.

Some furries asked TacoTeko what’s up. They replied, Ventiyoyo might be someone who “specifically” blocks furries – and nothing else in their knowledge.

The response to this was mixed. Some furries said they were lucky they weren’t blocked by Ventiyoyo, while others said they were still blocked.

翻攝自推特 @TacoTeko

The posting was reposted on Facebook by Taiwanese furry Lan Fei (岚飞). After, debate sparked among furries in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

With so many blocked by one person, how much free time did they have?

Some furries suggest Ventiyoyo may have used a “block chain”, which aims to block all followers of the person being blocked.

In response, many furries have wondered why only furries were blocked, let alone themselves.

Some furries also are unhappy with Ventiyoyo.

There are countless reasons why a person would block someone on social media.

Here, Ventiyoyo has had no contact with the vast majority of the people who have been blocked. Many furries acknowledged this.

Thus, some furries criticised the community for making a scene only because a stranger blocked them, even though the person had no malicious intent and didn’t do anything wrong.

Critics also say Ventiyoyo can choose who to block on social media – as a personal choice. It’s not up to the public to judge.

Ventiyoyo has not made any statement about this.

Author: Sentro Alender (FurTimes)
Translations: Pawsry HTCN. (GFTV)
Editor: Pawsry HTCN. (GFTV)


2月28号,一位推特用户 @BemaniCub 发现自己被另一位用户 @Ventiyoyo 封锁后,好奇地询问这个人到底是谁。



翻攝自推特 @BemaniCub

不久后,一位名叫 @TacoTeko 的用户开玩笑地发表了一份来检测自己是兽迷的方法,只需点击 @Ventiyoyo 的个人页面,检查是否被他封锁——如果你被封锁,那你就是一位“合格”的兽迷。

一些疑惑的兽迷询问 TacoTeko 发生了什么事情,而 TacoTeko 只回答说 Ventiyoyo 可能是“专门”封锁 Furry 的人,其他的他一概不知道。


翻攝自推特 @TacoTeko

这则贴文在被台湾兽友 岚飞 转发到脸书(Facebook)后,引起了台港澳兽迷之间的讨论风气。


有兽迷指,Ventiyoyo可能采用了“封锁链”(block chain)手段,其旨在封掉被封的对象的所有关注者。


也有兽迷表达了对 Ventiyoyo 的不满




截止目前,Ventiyoyo 尚未对此事作出任何声明。





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