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Category: NordicFuzzCon

  • Event updates 24/10/2022

    Event updates 24/10/2022

    中文:兽圈活动更新 2022-10-24

  • Convention updates 16/12/21

    Convention updates 16/12/21

    FurUM 2021 on VR Starting off from Southeast Asia. First, to Malaysia. Local convention Furs Upon Malaysia, or FurUM, published their 2021 events timetable. They will hold this event, called FVRUM, on the social gaming platform VRChat. Their venue is a recreation of their real-life venue, Armada Hotel. There will be panels and dance sessions…

  • NFC 2022 data published

    NFC 2022 data published

    Swedish convention NordicFuzzCon (NFC) opened panel sign ups. It is for their 2022 event. They also have published attendee statistics. Most attendees are from Europe. However attendees from Asia and North America will be there too. More than half of attendees are in the regular tier. NordicFuzzCon will be held Feb 23 – 27 next…

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