Convention updates 16/12/21

FurUM 2021 on VR

Starting off from Southeast Asia.

First, to Malaysia. Local convention Furs Upon Malaysia, or FurUM, published their 2021 events timetable.

They will hold this event, called FVRUM, on the social gaming platform VRChat.

Their venue is a recreation of their real-life venue, Armada Hotel. There will be panels and dance sessions – more dancing than panelling.

FVRUM will be Southeast Asia’s second virtual convention.

Flüüfff 2022

Coming to Europe!

Let’s look at Belgium. Local convention Flüüfff announced updates for their next event.

They will be held at the Bedford Hotel from Nov 9-13, 2022. It is in Belgium’s capital, Brussels.

The convention will mark its second year in the capital. The event will be tropics-themed.

Mephit Minicon 2022

To Germany. Local convention Mephit Minicon announced updates for their event next year.

They will be held May 26-29, 2022.

By then, attendees who bought tickets in 2020 can use them for entry too. Details to be released.

The convention did not hold any online or offline events this year.

Beneri, GoH NordicFuzzCon 2022

Going north, to Sweden.

Local convention NordicFuzzCon announced their 2022 guest of honour.

They are Beneri. Beneri is a furry artist from Finland.

They are famous for making the comic strip Koirakoira. In Finnish, that just means ‘dog dog.’

NordicFuzzCon will hold Feb 23-27, 2022.

Allucard, GoH Furnexion 2022

Entering the Americas.

In Mexico, Furnexion announced their third guest of honour.

They are Allucard. Allucard is the host of the Mexican furry podcast station Furry Trash.

Other guests of honours include furry artist NoireKat and fursuit maker Ettevy.

Furnexion will hold March 18-20, 2022.

Tahoe to be kept furry, soon

Finally, to the US.

Incoming convention Keep Tahoe Furry will open room block signups in 2023. Venue to be announced.

They originally wanted to debut in April next year. But they deferred their expectations by a year, to around March or April 2023.

Keep Tahoe Furry will be the state of California’s fourth convention. The other conventions are Golden State Fur Con, PAWCon and Further Confusion.

For furry convention statuses globally, visit FURST by GFTV.

兽展更新 2021-12-16

FurUM 2021 VR云展


首先,到马来西亚。当地兽展Furs Upon Malaysia,即FurUM,公布了他们2021年的活动时间表。




Flüüfff 2022





Mephit Minicon 2022

到德国。当地兽展Mephit Minicon宣布了他们明年活动的更新。




Beneri, NordicFuzzCon 2022 嘉宾






Allucard, Furnexion 2022 嘉宾



他们是Allucard。Allucard是墨西哥兽圈播客站Furry Trash的主持人。





即将举行的兽展Keep Tahoe Furry将在2023年开放房间登记。地点待定。


Keep Tahoe Furry将是加利福尼亚州的第四个兽展。其他兽展是金州兽展(Golden State Fur Con)、PAWCon和Further Confusion。

关于全球兽展的情况,请访问FURST by GFTV

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