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The Fandom Documentary to release on July 3rd

UNITED STATES (FLAYRAH) – For many furries, the Fourth of July weekend would be a time that many would make their way to the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in order to partake in the convention of Anthrocon. Due to the current pandemic, most conventions have been canceled for the year of 2020. For those furries looking to reconnect with their community, though, a full length documentary by Ash Coyote is set to release that weekend.
The furry producer did a series of shorter furry non-fiction for her channel which was reviewed by Flayrah.
The Fandom gives a historical dive into our group, similar to the non-fiction book “Furry Nation” in an audio-visual presentation. It goes on a journey from our foundations in the 1970s up to the present day covering all the aspects of the fandom. It looks to take a look under the magic and masks to present the human aspect of our growing community.
Due to the pandemic, the release will be a bit more muted as film festivals have been cancelled, so they are looking for your support. While the work will be offered for free on YouTube on Ash’s YouTube channel, it is available for purchase on Blu-Ray of digital formats here.
This article first appeared on Flayrah.



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