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News in brief – 15/09/21

Little Island Fur Con announces online event

Starting from Singapore, Little Island Fur Con, or LIFC, has scheduled a virtual event Nov 18. The event, called LIFC Online, is set to break regional records again. This is because it will be Southeast Asia’s very first, and Asia’s third furry convention to do so.

LIFC Online will be held on instant communication platform Discord. It will feature a dealer’s den, panels and VRChat and Minecraft activities, among otters (others) to be announced. Attendance is free.

One-day events: Further Confusion and Camp Feral

US convention Further Confusion is holding a one-day picnic outing on Oct 3. Attendees need to be vaccinated before coming. Online video call activities will be provided for those who cannot make it.

Canadian convention Camp Feral is also holding a one-day outing at the park Oct 2. They have recently released the schedule for the outing. The outing will feature an artist’s alley among largely informal activities.

Four conventions complete 2021 physical event

Four conventions have held their physical events in the past week within stringent hygiene measures. These are: the US’s Furvana and Furry Migration, Austria’s Wild Times Convention, and Belgium’s Furgether.

So far, the American conventions have released their numbers on this year’s events.

Furvana 2021: 534 attendees and US$4,000 raised for charity partner PAWS of Grays Harbor. Fursuiter count unknown at the moment. This year’s attendee count increased by 15.36% compared to 2019.

Furry Migration 2021: 1,132 attendees and 252 fursuiters at their fursuit parade. Charity numbers unknown at the moment. Compared to 2019 – attendance count decreased by a very small 1.22%, but fursuiter count increased by 1.6%.

That all said, looking at furcon statuses right now, we have 49 cancelled, 3 deferred, 47 to hold this year and 19 completed.

Edit UTC+8 2:03am 27/9/21 – LIFC’s virtual event is on Nov 13th, not 18th.

兽闻快讯 2021-9-15(农历八月初九)


首先关注——新加坡的小岛兽聚(Little Island Fur Con),又称LIFC,计划在11月13日举行一场虚拟活动。该名为LIFC Online的活动,即将再次创造地区新纪录:这是因为它将成为东南亚第一,亚洲第三位举办线上活动的兽展。

LIFC Online 将会在即时通讯平台Discord举办。届时将会有展商贩售,小组活动,以及举办在《我的世界》和VRChat活动,将来还有更多项目未公布。参展免费。

一日游活动:Further Confusion 和 Camp Feral

美国兽展Further Confusion 将在10月3日举行野餐一日游。参展人员必须接种疫苗。该展将会有视频通话来照顾到那些不能到场的人员。

奥地利兽展Camp Feral 也将在10月2日举行一场户外一日游。他们已经公布了活动方案,其将以艺术小巷为特色,主要是随意活动。


在过去一周里,有四家展会在严苛防控措施下成功举办了线下活动,美国展 Furvana 和 Furry Migration,奥地利展Wild Times Convention和比利时展Furgether。


Furvana 2021:有534人参展,成功为PAWS of Grays Harbor组织募捐4000美元,出装人员数据暂缺。今年参展人员总数相较2019年增加了15.36%。

Furry Migration 2021:有1132人参展,兽装游行上有252位毛兽出装,募捐数据暂缺。相对于2019年而言,参展人员略微下降了1.22%,但是出装人员增长了1.6%。


编辑 新加坡时间 凌晨2点03分,2021-9-27:LIFC的虚拟展是11月13日举办,不是18日。



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