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Bewhiskered 2021 announce GOHs; VR event Furality updates

Bewhiskered 2021

American convention Bewhiskered named their guest of honours for their 2021 convention.

They are vaccine scientist Chise and fursuit maker Eddie Bear.

Attendee tickets are sold out.

The convention is set to hold Nov 12-13 this year.

Furality 2021

Virtual reality event Furality announced more updates this week.

They debuted a new accessory for VRChat avatars. It is a superhero themed mask.

Attendee signups are now open.

The virtual event is set to hold Nov 5-7 this year.

Bewhiskered 2021 年度特邀嘉宾公布; 虚拟兽展Furality情报更新

Bewhiskered 2021 年度特邀嘉宾公布


他们是疫苗科学家Chise和兽装师Eddie Bear。




虚拟现实活动 Furality 本周宣布了新情报。





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