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Furry finishes record-breaking spaceflight on the Blue Origin

To boldly go, where no furry has gone before. Space furries are now real.

Cameron Bess, better known as Meeps Kitten, flew into space on board the Blue Origin. He is the first furry in space.

The Blue Origin capsule launched from West Texas. It flew 106 kilometres above the ground, giving the crew a few minutes of zero gravity. In the end, they landed safely in the desert. The trip took ten minutes.

Mr Cameron flew with his father, Lane Bess. According to media reports, they are the first father-son duo to fly into space.

Mr Cameron is also, reportedly, the first openly pansexual astronaut. Pansexual means someone who is romantically or sexually attracted to anyone, no matter their gender identity.

The flight crew on the Blue Origin included Michael Strahan, Laura Shepard Churchley, Evan Dick, and Dylan Taylor.

Not everyone is happy about it

Cameron Bess, or Meeps Kitten, inscribed the first pawprints of furry fandom in space. He was a part of the Blue Origin mission on Dec 13.

But not everyone is happy with him.

That is because Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin. He is also Amazon’s founder and executive chairman.

Thus, critics flooded Meeps’ Twitter. They had put him together with the online shopping giant in a negative light.

Amazon is one of the most popular shopping platforms in the world. But, for years, they are under fire over areas like employment, safety, financial and environmental practices.

Bad timing?

On Friday (Dec 10), in the US, powerful tornadoes ravaged six states. Illinois is one of them. 

In Edwardsville, a powerful tornado partly collapsed an Amazon warehouse. Six employees died; another one was hospitalised.

This led to people spotlighting Amazon’s debated workplace safety practices. That included alleged phone bans.

Text messages allegedly from Larry Virden, one of the casualties, were spread wildly. “Amazon won’t let us leave”.

According to screenshots released by Bloomberg, a delivery service dispatcher told Virden to “shelter in place”. He did not leave for designated shelter areas.

Bloomberg says these text messages are verified “by someone familiar with the situation”. The person says, Virden was at a delivery station near the warehouse before the tornadoes hit.

The driver, this person said, was about 30 miles away from the cluster of facilities Amazon operates in Edwardsville and worked out of a delivery station across the highway from the building that was decimated by the tornado.


Here, Amazon was hit by powerful tornadoes, casualties and increased scrutiny on its debated business practices. Especially with Virden’s casualty, this drew anger.

Happening on the backdrop of years-long criticisms against them, the incident, in turn, stained Bezos’ reputation again.

At the same time, Blue Origin is preparing for the NS-19 mission three days later (Dec 13).

The heat from Amazon’s Edwardsville incident bled onto the mission; furries kept using this incident to criticise Meeps.

Astronaut or not?

Meeps wrote “Blue Origin Astronaut” on their Twitter profile. Furries had a problem with it, pointing out they are a space tourist.

The definition of “astronaut” is inconsistent and not firmly defined. According to Cambridge-English Dictionary, an astronaut is:

a person who has been trained for travelling in space

But Merriam-Webster says:

a person who travels beyond the earth’s atmosphere

Online encyclopedia Britannica defines “astronaut” as:

… an individual who has flown in outer space

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is the global governing body of air sports. They also define aspects of spaceflight. Section 8 of the FAI Sporting code reads:

  • “Spaceflights”: flights over 100 km above the ground;
  • “astronaut”: crew members and scientific personnel playing an active part in the mission during the flight.

All Blue Origin crew on Dec 13, except Michael Strahan and Laura S. Churchley, paid for their tickets. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), they will fall under “human spaceflight participant”.

Space tourism is growing. As companies like Blue Origin grow, traditional perceptions of “astronaut” are rapidly going out of sync. That is because more civilians can now go to space.

Bezos took off onboard his first Blue Origin launch on July 19, 2021. One day later (Jul 20), the FAA narrowed its criteria for their Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program.

They added one more detail. It says crew members must have “contributed to human space flight safety.” So did Bezos’ first Blue Origin flight fulfil that new criterion? It was up for debate.

The Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program is:

To receive it, people:

  • must fly on a FAA-licensed aircraft
  • must be trained, fly and landed under FAA approval and standards;
  • must fly at least 80km above the ground.

Local US media interprets the astronaut wings as recognising someone as an astronaut.

But on Dec 10, 2021, the FAA announced they will end the program starting 2022.

From then on, anyone that flew over 80km above the ground will be listed on their website. Anyone who flew to space above 80km before 2022 will receive commercial astronaut wings.

This includes the Blue Origin crew on Dec 13, including Meeps.

Is Meeps the “first pansexual astronaut”?

The first LGBT astronaut was Sally Ride. She flew to space in 1983. After she died in 2012, it was known she was a lesbian.

Other known LGBT astronauts are Wendy B. Lawrence (lesbian) and Ana McClain (lesbian).

Lesbians are gay women – women who like women.

As of November 2021, more than 600 humans flew into space. But we don’t know if there were any more LGBT astronauts.

Medium author Francis French suggests LGBT people could have hidden their sexuality due to societal pressures.

That said, Meeps is the first openly pansexual person to fly into space. Whether that means they are an astronaut, remains to be defined.

Clout or not?

Meeps prided this mission on increased LGBTQ visibility. Furries countered this, saying it is “meaningless” because Meeps did not undergo formal astronaut training.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has strict requirements for astronaut selections. But that does not apply to commercial space enterprises.

According to media reports, Meeps’ father Lane Bess bought tickets for the spaceflight. This is unconfirmed.

Furries took this aspect and framed it as, Meeps “(helping) to kill off Amazon workers”. We are not sure if this refers to Amazon’s work casualties or the Edwardsville incident.

They even say he flew to space “for clout”. Furry YouTuber Georgio says Meeps and his father could have donated their money to charities instead of flying to space.

That is why furries are angry at Meeps’ spaceflight. But they are also criticised for reacting like this.

Says furry YouTuber Morbid, Meeps’ criticisms stemmed from furries’ “moral superiority”.

Twitter user @shineFenTiger also says this is a matter of personal experience and achievement, not for clout.

Meeps state their father “donated well over both (their Blue Origin) ticket price” prior to his spaceflight. Their father’s donations are kept undisclosed.

We don’t know how much exactly is a Blue Origin ticket.

On July 20, 2021, a Blue Origin ticket was auctioned to an anonymous bidder at US$28 million. The bidder could not go, so 18-year old Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen went instead.

The takeaways

Meeps Kitten is the first furry and openly pansexual person to go to space.

Amazon’s Edwardsville warehouse incident on Dec 10 spotlighted again the online shopping giant’s debated business practices.

Anger from that bled onto the Blue Origin mission (Dec 13). Furries put Amazon’s business practices and the Edwardsville incident together with the Blue Origin mission.

They also criticised Meeps for calling themselves an astronaut. But the definition of “astronaut” is unclear, especially with space tourism’s growth.

Meeps, along with his crewmates on Dec 13’s Blue Origin mission, will receive the FAA’s commercial astronaut wings.

Does that make Meeps an astronaut? US media treats astronaut wings as naming someone an astronaut. But no formal connections exist between the two.

Edit 24-12-2021 2:09pm UTC+8: Added more information.


收看:首位太空福瑞;新的嘉宾;塔霍河新兽展 |《兽际兽闻》2021-12-16


卡梅隆·贝斯,兽设叫“Meeps Kitten”,搭乘蓝色起源号(Blue Origin)飞入太空。他是首位进入太空的福瑞。

























宇航员 “的定义是不一致的,没有坚定的定义。根据《剑桥-英语词典》,宇航员是:




在线百科全书《Britannica》将 “宇航员 “定义为



  • “太空飞行”:离地面100公里以上的飞行。
  • “宇航员”:在飞行过程中积极参加任务的机组成员和科学人员。




他们又增加了一个细节。它说机组成员必须有 “对人类太空飞行安全的贡献”。那么,贝索斯的第一次蓝色起源飞行是否符合这一新标准?这有待商榷。


  • 表彰那些促进联邦航空局的使命,即促进运载人类的运载工具的安全的人。
  • 这包括那些在SpaceX和维珍银河公司等公司下发射到太空的人。
  • 受表彰的人将被称为 “商业宇航员”。
  • FAA将在他们的网站上列出他们,并给予宇航员徽章。


  • 必须在FAA许可的飞机上飞行
  • 必须在FAA的批准和标准下进行培训、飞行和降落。
  • 必须在离地面至少80公里的地方飞行。

















他们甚至说他飞往太空是为了 ”争取影响力“。毛兽YouTuber Georgio说自己宁愿Meeps和他的父亲把钱捐给慈善机构,而不是飞到太空。


毛兽YouTuber Morbid说,Meeps的批评源于兽友们的“道德优越主义”。






Meeps Kitten是第一个进入太空的公开泛性别的福瑞。



但 ”宇航员“的定义并不明确,特别是随着太空旅游的发展。



编辑 2021-12-24 2:09pm UTC+8:补充了更多资料。

编辑 2021-12-25 1:21pm UTC+8:纠正了中文翻译。




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