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Furries in 2021, in brief

The new year starts! 2022, a brand new start for many.

But, COVID-19 hasn’t ended like how everyone wished for. The Omicron variant, found in Nov 2021, is still spreading.

Last year, many regions globally loosened pandemic restrictions as COVID-19 stabilised locally and more people got the vaccine.

Thus, furry conventions can again hold in-person events. In 2021, 34% of all furry conventions were completed. That is 6% more than in 2020.

With that, donation numbers increased too. Furries donated US$720,000 to charity in 2021. That is 30% more than in 2020.

But, there were lesser virtual events. According to Wikifur, 38 virtual furry events were held in 2021. That is 15% less than in 2020.

Many people call 2022 the ‘year of Omicron’. In many countries now, including Singapore, Omicron is spreading.

Will furries stay bonded, just like they did in the past two years? So far, things seem stable. But the answer remains to be seen.


新的一年开始了! 2022年,对很多人来说是一个全新的开始。






2022年是虎年,但也被许多人称为 “奥米克伦年”。现在在许多国家,包括新加坡,奥米克伦变种正在蔓延。



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